A Space series created by Alexander Pfander

Mission Backup Earth is a post-apokalyptic space science fiction series set in the 23rd century.

In the near future, a Cosmic Catastrophe begins without warning. Unforeseen by any scientist, the Sun turns rapidly into a Red Giant. Leaving Mankind no choice but to try desperately to escape the Solar System. The survivors become Space Nomads, seeking a replacement for Earth.

The series follow the struggles of Mankind in their effort to colonize a Habitable Exoplanet, where they need to install the so called “Human Backup”

Three seasons are planned. The first one will be the introduction of a dystopian future vision of the humans having to leave their home planet, leading in the second season to the theoretical concept of interstellar space travel and the resulting problems. In the third season we will finally deal with the colonization of an existing exoplanet.

MissionBackup Earth introduces modern scientific methods and concepts and integrates them into the story to ensure a realistic view on space travel and colonization. At the same time evolution of mankind, cosmic disasters and philosophical questions about our existence and the origins of the universe are integral parts of the story. We want to remind everyone about the importance of exploring space and to develop the backup plans now, because when the catastrophe occurs it might be too late.

Mission backup Earth pursues a highly scientific realistic claim. Unlike many other sci-fi film series we will work within the reality of space-travel, astronomy and physics.

Storyline Season One

In 2213, suddenly and far sooner than ever predicted, the Sun uses up all it’s hydrogen and turns devastatingly quickly into a Red Giant.
Life on Earth is extinct. Humanity is Doomed.

Exobiologist Jenna Brennagan is working on Triton as the catastrophe takes it’s course. Together with other survivors, she has to face the threat of a huge blast of Cosmic Rays, now spreading tsunami-like through our Solar System, contaminating and killing everything in it’s path. Jenna and her companions desperately try to escape the deadly Cosmic rays by fleeing deep into the Kuiper Belt.

The objective of the fugitives is Sedna a Trans-Neptunian dwarf planet in the outer regions of the Kuiper Belt.
Orbiting Sedna is a remote Spacedock. There, the SpaceTec Corporation has built the spacecraft “Backup“. With this Interstellar Spacecraft it may be possible to reach the nearest habitable planet in the Gliese 581 system.
By and by more survivors arrive at Sedna, hoping to leave our solar system in this ‘Noah’s Ark’

To their horror, SpaceTec CEO Carpenter claims there is no place for refugees aboard the “Backup“. He prevents anyone boarding, because it is a fully automated robotic ship storing frozen embryos that will ensure the survival of Mankind. There is no room for the refugees, the “Backup“ has no facilities or resources for living Humans.
The conflict continues to ferment until the big showdown between the survivors and the SpaceTec Corporation, which sees itself as morally right, because their embryo carrying ship will ensure the survival of Humanity.
Together with Giyome, the leader of the Albino slave’s uprising, Jenna struggles for the salvation of all survivors.

But this then raises the question of whether their fight is just.
Can the survival of individuals take precedence over the assured survival of Humanity?

Existential questions. The balance between morality and reason will be decisive. A new Beginning for some, or the possible end of Humanity?

by Alexander Pfander 03-07-2011