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Episode 01  – “The Prototype”                    Part 1 – “Rendevous”
Episode 02  – “Access Denied”                 Part 2 – “Cryo Magma”
Episode 03 – “Damage Report”               Part 3 – “Request Denied”
Episode 04 – “Redundancy”                      Part 4 – “Solar Storm”
Episode 05 – “EVA” with David Prowse   Part 5 – “No Return”
Episode 06 – “Dyson Sphere”
Episode 07 – coming soon!
Episode 08 – coming soon!


” When the earth is gone, to colonise a habitable exoplanet shall be the struggle of mankind “

Mission Backup Earth is a space science fiction series created by Alexander Pfander. It uses modern scientific methods and concepts, and integrates them into a story. This ensures a realistic view on space travel and colonization, at the same time as questioning and concerning itself with the evolution of mankind, cosmic disasters, and philosophical questions about our existence. So far three seasons have been developed. read more