Episode 01  – “The Prototype”
Episode 02  – “Access Denied”
Episode 03 – “Damage Report”
Episode 04 – “Redundancy”
Episode 05 – with David Prowse
Episode 06 – “Dyson Sphere”
Episode 07 – coming soon!
Episode 08 – coming soon!

Storyline Season One

In 2213, far sooner than anyone ever predicted, the Sun exhausts its hydrogen stores and evolves into a red giant.

Life on Earth is extinct. Humanity is doomed.

Exobiologist Jenna Brennagan is working on Triton when the disaster strikes. Together with the other survivors, she must face the threat of a massive blast of cosmic rays rolling through the solar system like a tsunami, contaminating and killing everything in its path. Jenna and her companions attempt to escape the deadly Cosmic rays by fleeing deep into the Kuiper Belt.

Their destination is Sedna, a Trans-Neptunian dwarf planet in the outer regions of the Kuiper Belt. Orbiting Sedna is a remote Spacedock. There, the SpaceTec Corporation has built the interstellar spacecraft “Backup” for a journey to the nearest habitable planet in the Gliese 581 system.

More and more survivors arrive at Sedna with the hopes of leaving our solar system on this ‘Noah’s Ark.’ However, SpaceTec CEO Carpenter claims there is no place for refugees aboard the “Backup.” He prevents anyone from boarding, because it is a fully automated robotic ship storing frozen embryos that will ensure the continued existence of Mankind. There is no room for the refugees, the “Backup“ has no facilities or resources for living humans.

Tensions continue to rise and boil over into a final showdown between the survivors and the SpaceTec Corporation. Together with Giyome, the leader of the Albino slave uprising, Jenna struggles for the salvation of all survivors.

Can the livelihood of individuals take precedence over the assured longevity of humanity as a whole? The balance between morality and reason will be decisive. Will this struggle lead to a new beginning for some or the ultimate extinction of humanity?