Mission Backup Earth is a post-apocalyptic space science fiction series created by Alexander Pfander. Set in the 23rd century, the story incorporates modern scientific methods and concepts in order to depict space travel and colonization realistically. The series addresses philosophical questions about the evolution of mankind, cosmic disasters, and our existence. We want to remind everyone about the importance of exploring space and to develop the backup plans now, because when the catastrophe occurs it might be too late.

So far a prequel and three seasons have been developed. Click here to watch them now.

“When the Earth is gone, the colonization of a habitable exoplanet shall become the struggle of mankind.”

In the near future, a cosmic catastrophe strikes without warning. Unforeseen by any scientist, the Sun rapidly transforms into a red giant, leaving mankind no choice but to flee from the Solar System. The survivors become space nomads in search of a replacement for Earth.

The series follows the struggles of mankind in its effort to colonize a habitable exoplanet, where they must install the so-called “Human Backup.”

Three seasons are planned. The first season will introduce a dystopian future vision of the humans having to leave their home planet, leading in to the theoretical concept of interstellar space travel and the resulting problems in the second season. Finally, in the third season, the concept of colonizing an exoplanet will be addressed.

Mission Backup Earth pursues a highly scientific and realistic claim. Unlike many other sci-fi film series, Mission Backup Earth works within the reality of space travel, astronomy and physics.

The making of the prequel

Series creator Alexander Pfander decided to produce a five-part mini series as a prequel in order to develop the universe of Mission Backup Earth. It served as a means of testing the production process and introduce the concept of the series to science fiction fans.

The series was coordinated through the crowdsourcing website Wreckamovie, developed by the makers of Iron Sky, and was subsequently shot entirely in front of green screen. The shooting took place in the late summer of 2012 in a studio in Berlin.

The post production was accomplished by dozens of volunteers across the globe, with the final editing and compositing completed by Finnish editor Hannu Hoffren.

The series is scheduled to air on the new ‘App-media’ platform created by Don Allen, with the initial idea to air the prequel series on smartphones and tablets.