Space transport vessel

STC “Nikola Tesla” deep space transport vessel

The Space Tec Corporation Echo 235 “Nikola Tesla” deep space transport vessel is named after the famous engineer Nikola Tesla.The ship is owned by Space Tec Corporation and it´s duty is to supply remote stations and colonies in the outer regions of our solar system. It is traveling regularly between the colony on the Jupiter moon Ganymede and the observatory on Umbriel. Stopover is on Titan in the Saturn system. Through modern plasma trusters the ship manages one tour in less then 2 years. As our story begins the STC Tesla has finished it´s tour to Umbriel and should return to Ganymede. But it is redirected to an extended mission. The destination is Triton, the largest moon of Neptune. This detour will extend the trip for another 8 month. Although the ship can operate for a decade this detour is a risky operation…

Stats: Call sign: STC Echo 235 “Nikola Tesla”, Type: Deep space transport vessel, Crew: 3, Passengers: 7 max., Operating Range: 60 Astronomical Units, Cargo Capacity: 500 metric tons






Passenger Quarter


Preview animation of the N. Tesla flying in the so-called “Tomahawk” mode, a technique the crew uses to produce artificial gravity. Later in the video it shows how the ship is passing Neptune, uses its rear trusters to brake and finally maneuver into Tritons orbit.