About the 5 part series


In this prequel, the universe and the characters of Mission Backup Earth are introduced. Upcoming events are set but not yet fully shown.

The prequel takes place before the sun transits into a red giant. We see some of the major characters on their way into the catastrophe. Some know what they are facing, like Carpenter, who is actually working on a rescue plan. Others like the Brennagans are struggling with their daily life in outer space, all the while Armageddon is coming closer. An important theme of the series is the weird looking Homo-Stellarians: a human evolution, ivory ‘space elves’ who are working as indentured crews for the space corporation.

All this will be further developed in the planned future episodes of the coming seasons.


In 2176, the crew of the deep space transport S.T.C. Nicola Tesla has to fly a mysterious passenger from the Uranus System to the Neptune moon Triton. The passenger knows about the lurking cosmic catastrophe. This will force humanity to leave the solar system and he is working on a rescue plan.

On Triton, a small remote research station, where the Brennagans are ending their tour of duty. Dr. Jenna Brennagan wants to stay and finish her research about extra terrestrial life forms, but her husband Gordon is happy to go home. Back to Earth.

En route to Triton, the Tesla is in danger of being hit by a high radiation solar storm. The passenger steers the ship out of the danger zone, but at the cost of the ships fuel reserves. To the horror of the crew, the return journey has become impossible.

At the same time, Gordon is injured in a sudden eruption of a Cryo-volcano. Jenna has to hurry if she wants to save her husband!