We have full intention of setting up a Foundation “MISSION BACKUP EARTH”.
The stated aim of the Foundation is to preserve the human species from extinction by establishing a human colony on an exoplanet in another star system. We want to raise the public awareness of the enormous dangers and make clear that the existence on only our home planet is an irresponsible risk for future generations. The reductions in space research budgets of recent years must now be undone, and on the contrary, the investments and efforts need to be multiplied.

 The science fiction series Mission Backup Earth is one of many planned marketing tools that will serve to increase the willingness to invest in existing and new space programs and space research.

Mission Backup Earth will become a global movement. A rethinking in the minds of decision makers, the global economy and the people will lead to success and keep our species from extinction.

The aim is the colonization of an exoplanet, made within this century.

There is still time. Let’s do it.

Alexander Pfander

18 April 2012
Alexander Pfander