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Key Cast

GORDON BRENNAGAN – Anthony Straeger

Gordon was on a research mission on Triton with his wife Jenna when a catastrophe affected his life forever. Now plagued by his past and a need to build a new future, Brennaghan is anything other than what he seems.

Anthony Straeger has been involved with MBE for some time as a Script Editor as well as an actor. Originally from the the UK, he has been based in Berlin for over 7 years. Recent work includes the Zombie Apocalyptic movie Survival, Web Series A Problem Shared. He is currently producing THE MAZE, yet another zombie movie!

Gordon cast

CAPTAIN HORTON – Caprice Crawford

Caprice Crawford is an American Actress/Photographer based in Berlin. Since age 16, she has been in front of the camera, acting and singing. In 1987, Caprice gained notice by sportswear company Adidas, who sponsored her efforts and special projects abroad. In 1990, she moved to New York City to attend William Esper Studio, the world’s foremost studio dedicated to Meisner based actor training. Since 1992, Caprice has many roles starred alongside Jamie Foxx, Don Johnson, Orlando Bloom, Burt Reynolds, Keenan Ivory-Wayans, Eddie Griffin, and Regan Burns in both TV shows and feature films. She joined the cast of MBE in 2010.

Caprice Crawford

J.D. CARPENTER – Richard Bray

Carpenter is only concerned with the hard facts. He is the sum total of his lifelong training to save humans from their own extinction. He is cold, clinical, and driven to crush anyone in his path, viewing everyone as tools.

Rich Bray is a professional actor who attended The Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland. He does film, TV, theater, voice over, live event roles, production management, and a load of auditions. He is deeply honored to be in this production and wishes to thank all the participants and the MBE’R fans! You’re the best! Rich resides in Berlin and looks forward with great anticipation to the next exciting episode of MBE.

Carpenter cast

GIYOME NOBALE-  – Mark Windsor

Mark Windsor is an English actor/musician who has been living in Berlin for six years. His past roles include a gangster, vampire, spitfire pilot, cocaine dealer amongst many others. He particularly enjoys playing unusual or flawed characters. He has also contributed with some of the CGI work in MBE and has been with the company from the beginning of time!

Giyome cast



XXXXXX – Lyly Schoettle

Dr. WEIR – Monika Gossman