Drilling Hole Number Three

Pressurized Tent by Simonjaap

Design “Drilling Hole Number Three,” a borehole in the icy bed of a large crater, which has various research equipment around it. This is Jenna Brenagan’s destination, where she uses a remote mini-sub to search for signs of possible life deep beneath the frozen surface one of Triton’s seas.

Alright I think the design of the outside is well thought out now, so I started modeling the outside. Here is a work in progress.

Still have to add the anchoring, I’ll see if I can attach similar ones to the one of the main base. There will also be a little plateau in front of the airlock to stand on.
I also still want to add some smaller details, as well as the life support system reaching out the back..

Ok, here another update, changed the shape to a more iglo-like tent. In the middle of the tent is the hole. The basic areas are shown in the floorplan.

I hope this comes closer to the concept in mind – an overly used, improvised setup. It will have clutter all around, and a worn look?
More like a cabin than a science lab, but with the computers+materials.

Here are some Floorplans that I’ve made to get an idea of the site. A few remarks:
– I though a tent- as in made of cloth- would not be suitable for a hostile environment, therefore I thought it would be better to have a hard shell (maybe made up out of easy to disassemble parts?) to support a good working environment.
– Drilling hole inside or outside? I guess putting it outside is better to maintain climate in the working area, but having it inside gives easier access (it would have to be shielded off though).
Putting it outside will also allow for more room in the cabin.
– I put some solid walls inside, but I’m not sure if I should go for a more scientific, or for a more minimalistic look (a.k.a. a cloth surrounding the toilet, no wall between living area/scientific area, simple kitchen instead of cabinets etc.
I guess this has to do with how temporary the place is.
– The walls look very square at the moment, I would like to change it so that it is more ‘tentlike’ (maybe an inflatable working area could be done too..)

Hey, I’m Simon – this’ll be my first project on this movie..

I’ll give modeling this a shot. I’ll start by collecting some reference material for this. I was thinking it will have some resemblance to for example ice diving on earth.
Instead of divers though, there will probably be a whole bunch of wires going down into the hole to feed information and energy to the mini-sub? This will require some sort of rig over the borehole.

Will she be working in an outside environment or in a control center built on top of the borehole?

Ideas are welcome!