Here are the most current central design concepts that have arisen through the crowd-sourcing platform Wreckamovie:

The artists who collaborate on the project have made some very sophisticated and usable designs for the pilot of our web/tv series.

Have fun browsing.

1.) Triton moon base (by Tony Pinkpank – æwakened Productions)

Below are some interior shots with some explanatory notes for review, please forward any comments, ideas, problems etc.

IMAGE 1: From main airlock inner hatch, looking into control room. At right is the octagonal opening to the corridor leading to the observatory above and the habitat section (to the right of the control room in the exterior render). To the left is the sunken control area (two steps down). Ahead the walkway leads to the corridor to the mine operations section (to the left of the control room in the exterior render) and to the rear of the control bunker complex
(including any subterranean areas).

IMAGE 2: From the control area near the angled corner windows. To the right is the corridor to the main airlock, mid background is the corridor to the habitat section. The control console beneath the windows has only been partially modeled, as it is not seen in the current shot. Visible display consoles are displaying mine operations, remote sensing satellite feed/control, EVA mission brief/data/biometrics (Jenna). Final shots could have these screens rotoscoped with moving images and ‘blinkies’.

IMAGE 3: From same position as above. At left are corridors to the mine operations section and to the rear of the control bunker complex. Just visible at extreme left is a notice board, I imagine more of this sort of thing on the other currently-blank walls such as photos and kids’ drawings from home, posters of favourite movie stars etc., the sort of thing people do when away from home for a very long time to make it more ‘homey’. Note that the front wall and triangle windows have not been included in this model due to the need to Green screen with the exterior shots, they can be added later if more interior shots are planned.

and finally the base plans:

2.) Lunar Buggy (by Eric John Augustinowicz – æwakened Productions)

3.) Deep space transport ship Nikola Tesla (by Aric Fisher – æwakened Productions)

Rough designs of the ship, to be detailed as areas are worked out. Included is an idea for the cargo containers, designed in a triangular form for easy stacking, connecting and disconnecting in space. Again, these are very rough concept images so far. There is a lot of detail work still to come.

Engine Area: Features nuclear reactor and gas (hydrogen, oxygen, etc.) tanks and engines for both interplanetary high-speed thrust and low-speed orbital manoeuvres. Image design will change when I have that area updated. The material shown was borrowed from another model.

Bridge “Sphere”: contains inside decks that rotate on axis so that the decks are “sideways” when in orbit and slow transit, and turned so that crew are heads facing front when in high speed transit – to create gravity with acceleration.

Crew and Passenger Quarters – Floors situated so that people stand with heads facing front of ship for gravity effect when on long interplanetary trips.

Gravity Ring – Crew living areas for when ship is in low speed and orbital maneuvers for long periods of time.

Cargo Area – Self-explained. Modular cargo containers that fit together for ideal shipping, packing and unpacking individually or in clusters of six.

4.) Spacesuit designs (by Isabel Zweiniger)

I made two concepts for Jenna. One is a classic suit, the other is a mix of classic and futuristic sci-fi suit. The colours can be changed, as certain details. As for the green suit I was inspired also by old diving suits as from the movie Abyss. It isn’t as huge as the other one, leaves more freedom to move around which might be important for Jenna and her work.