Mission Backup Earth is a space science fiction series created by Alexander Pfander.

The series follows the struggle of mankind to colonize a habitable exoplanet.

Mission Backup Earth received acclaim at the Melbourne Web Festival 2013 winning Grand Jury and Best Sci-Fi Awards.

It also won 4 Awards at the LAWebseries Festival 2014, incl. outstanding directing, editing, cinematography and visual effects in a scifi.

Three seasons are developed:

SEASON 01 is underway and commenced filming in August 2013. With it’s dedicated team of Actors, Crew and Technicians from around the world this is truly a story told by Mankind for Mankind as it introduces a Dystopian future vision of the humans having to abandon Earth.

The second season will deal with the theoretical concept of interstellar space travel and the resulting problems.

The third season, finds the resolution and finally deals with the colonization of an existing Exo-planet.

Mission Backup Earth uses modern scientific methods and concepts, and integrates them into a story. This ensures a realistic view on space travel and colonization, at the same time as questioning and concerning itself with the evolution of mankind, cosmic disasters, and philosophical questions about our existence.

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